The Great Conversation

A New Model for Purchasing Appreciating Outcomes vs. Purchasing Depreciating Assets

August 2, 2021

We have a great conversation exploring the mindset and tools to finance innovation and change in the era of digital transformation. 99% of purchases in physical security are in an ownership model. Pure cash using after tax dollars or a lease to own model. Other industries are ahead of the curve.

Ahead of the curve means they are buying outcomes not things.

Owning things is expensive. 50% of the value of the asset is lost on the day of your purchase. You have abdicated agility in an era of massive technology investment in R&D. Your program is not bleeding edge or cutting edge. It is off the edge of the table.

It is time to measure the investment by outcomes and design an “assurance model” future proofing your outcomes and technology innovation with your vendors.

We explore this concept with Paul Metzheiser, Managing Partner, of Tamco. Since 1996 Tamco has been helping Security, AV, and Technology Integrators deliver an easier way for customers to procure equipment and services.


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