The Great Conversation

The Organization is not a Machine; It is a Person

January 31, 2022

Something is wrong. We have so many tools within our reach that would position our organizations more strategically, improve our processes exponentially, and create value within our market ecosystems. But for some reason, we cannot get our people to believe that their work is essential to their life and well-being. Work has become something you do while you are waiting for life to begin. You can see it and hear it. Just listen:

  • TGIF (Thank God it is Friday)

  • I am only working here until I get a better offer somewhere else

  • One day I can retire and not have to do this anymore

  • Our leaders only care about money and power

How did this happen?

There is a company, Quantum Leaders, that would tell you that all the Six Sigma, Balanced Scorecarding, and Wellness Programs you have put into place are good. But they would point you to the facts: People are still not engaged. We explore this ugly truth and how we might begin a journey of discovery that might lead to change in how we view the world, and ourselves in it. And it might just make your organization more competitive, more efficient, and more resilient.

Welcome to The Great Conversation around a radical concept: Your organization is a living person.

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